Complex Problems..  Simple Solutions

Look no further

Log analysis will always give you an answer.. but does it mean anything?  


PETROPHYSICS Pty Ltd  leads in solving petrophysical problems by assessing all information, including conflicts, within a systematic, proven and collaborative framework.  The solution is definitive, transparent and convincing.

Do you have a petrophysically related problem?  Allow me to simplify and resolve it for you.

Reserves Uncertainty?




Mentor / Advisor

General advice or detailed step-by-step instruction on any reservoir, any subject within mainstream petrophysics, includes:

– critical drilling mud properties

– critical data acquisition for your reservoir

– when to core

– which special logs to run

– special core analysis (SCAL) program design

– how to integrate SCAL with special logs

– quick look operations petrophysics with or without PetroDB-Vault

PetroDB-Vault rock-typed interactive pseudo cored wells

– complex reservoir, detailed field studies

– building and checking geo-models

– common use equation sets for seamless < Petrophysics ? Geomodel > transfer

– Parallel Petrophysical Training


Technical Consulting    PetroDB-Vault    Parallel Petrophysical Training