Saturation-Height Functions

Saturation Height Functions

Saturation Height functions (SWH, Swht) are a means of assigning a saturation to a volume of rock e.g. a geocell, by virtue of that cells porosity, permeability and capillary pressure.  At initial conditions capillary pressure is proportional to height above free water level (Ht) and an Sw may be assigned without knowing resistivity or other logged values.  This is necessary in all parts of a geomodel not penetrated by a logged well and also along a well track itself wherever the saturation related measurements provide less certainty for calculated Sw. The Swht equation, like all equations, has uncertainty associated with its inputs the crucial ones being permeability, interfacial tension, wettability (oil) and occasionally capillary pressure or height itself.

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Ideally the petrophysicist will generate the Swht equation, developing and testing it thoroughly within petrophysics before providing it to the reservoir geologist and simulation engineer in a seamless fashion as part of one linked equation set for Sw and other parameters